To allow for each office to efficiently manage staff and forms for that office, it can be set up to operate under a sub-account at no cost within the Organisation Account.
Generally speaking, the main account would be on a Form Slot Plan 100 or Plan 500 special plans above the 500 Form slots can be priced.
Each office creates an account for that office to allow for staff and forms related to that office or outlet center.
To set this up the main account is created and this will generate a unique account number.
Each office manager will establish a new Account and in the Partner code field enter the unique account number and select Plan 50 to allow enough forms for the sub-account.
There is no limit on the number of office or outlet centers the total of forms slots used by all accounts associated with the unique Account identifier will be charged to the main Account.
If the sub-account needs to be monitored then this can be arranged.