Form User location feature.

The Form User location feature was primarily created to allow the Account Managers proof that the form is filled in at the location it refers to.  Correct position requirements for example would be essential when needed for legal reasons. i.e. Workplace Health and Safety Incident.

The Digital Form Creator App needs access enabled for this feature to work.

Correct setting on the phone is important for this process is dependent on the smart device location settings that are controlled by the phone supplier, and the feature needs at least Only while using the App enabled.

1.  When the App is opened the smart device’s latitude and longitude are recorded and this information can be downloaded from Data Processing.
2.   If the notices are enabled, on opening the App within the radius of the location it will start the timer, any forms that should be submitted within the allowed time are not submitted will trigger notices to be sent, the system will generate notices in the form of emails or SMS messages.

An example of how to use the Location Information feature.

The PCUB would like 2 activities performed on the building site every time a subcontractor enters the site to perform works, this requires 2 forms, Site entry and exit and Site risk assessment.

A. The subcontractor arrives on-site and opens the Site entry and exit form takes a photo of the builder’s board and answers Yes in the I am entering the building site and submits.

B. The subcontractor then opens the Site risk assessment from enters the information and submits it.

C. The subcontractor on leaving the site and opens the Site entry and exit form takes a photo of the builder’s board, answers Yes I am leaving the Building Site and submits.

On every submission, the form data is now readily available if needed.