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  • 4 account levels = Account Owner, Account Manager, Form Creator, Form User.
  • All staff members have the role of Form User unless the role is changed
  • The Account Owner can assign an Account Manager to assign staff roles
  • Form Creators can create and deploy forms to Form Users

The App

  • The ability to find a GPS location or Google street address and add it to the form automatically
  • Photos can be added to the form using the camera on a smart device before submission if needed
  • Signatures can be obtained for PDF forms
  • Can be used to assist in staff safety at a location


  • All modules and columns can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the form
  • Page layout: allowing to add 2, 3 or 4 columns as a row
  • Banner Image (Company Brand or Logo)
  • Description text: area for instructions or information for Form Users
  • Single choice: question selector (with alert text)
  • Multiple choice: selector
  • Drop down list: answers (with alert text)
  • Free text: area
  • Calendar: module to easily enter date information
  • Signature: module allowing for a signature to be recorded
  • Add image or photo
  • Add Latitude, Longitude or Street address


  • Created forms are allocated to any staff member (Form User) that needs to use that particular form
  • Any submitted forms are attached to an email as a PDF or entered into the form database to allow for downloading of a CSV spreadsheet file
  • Forms can be Internal or External depending on the security needed to maintain safe record keeping practices.
  • External forms are controlled by only sending a one of use email to an external person or company
  • External forms once filled out and submitted become an internal record as a PDF document
  • The site can be translated into different languages using Google Translate, all form data can be entered using any language.