Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As a builder I use subcontractors, some of these are already registered in a different Builders account, how do I assign them my forms?
A. Anybody that has a Form User or Corporate Form User role can be sent an External Form User Invitation that once they have accepted, you can assign them your forms that they need to use.

Q. Our company has a Head Office and multiple regional locations that only need forms for that office how is this achieved?
A. Once a form has been created it can be copied, then depending on the organisational structure the forms may be a form used across the organisation and is assigned to those that are required to use, alternatively if the form is to designated to a particular geographical location the form can be copied and edited to save adding the geographical location before the form.


NOTE: This also allows for the removal or adding additional information or questions unique to that location.

Q. Will the App work Offline?
A. If the form has been previously opened by the form user then the form will be available Offline and when submitted will be saved into the phone until mobile data is available.


Q. Will the App get the location if no network us available?
A. The App uses Google Mapping to obtain the street address and the smart devices GPS to get the Latitude and Longitude depending on device type. This may mean that obtaining the location information may not work if there is no network available.

Q. How is the monthly invoicing calculated?
A. The costs is based on the number of Form Slots, not on individual forms created and used.

Q. How do I know if I have been issued a new form or if a form is changed?
A. The form user will receive an email whenever a form has been edited or assigned, the form user should open the form to check.