Install the App once

Once logged in always logged in

Choose the form that needs filling out

Fill the form out

Once submitted its confirmed

Easy to Use

With step by step tutorials available or use the form recreation service to have your paper forms converted to digital.

Staff Management

Four levels of management, Unique ID for each staff, privileges are assigned for roles or users’ dependant on employee’s roles.

Free App

To use on Apple and Android smart devices that will send your information directly to your admin team or personal computer.


With the ability to have pre-set answers and drop-down check lists to help minimise human error and keep information uniform.

It is not easy if you run a paper-based documentation system. You have to sort, scan, index, and go through several rigours. Not to mention the enormous amount of time that is needed to ensure accuracy, find documents, or replace lost or damaged records.

 Digital Form Creator eliminates the stress by capturing the documentation in real-time, at the point of use and then you have a digital record that you can use anywhere, with staff out of the office and using the App means your forms and made into digital formats automatically.

 Other unique features of the App include using it to record your daily reports, safety and risk assessment reports, and any building or construction project documentation. You can use the data collected by the Digital Form Creator to track your project’s progress so that it conforms to quality, cost, time, scope, and safety requirements.

Digital Form Creator has so many features that we invite you to trial it.

Use the Drag and Drop modules to easily create your forms.

If you can find a better product that’s cheaper, we will give the use of our product for a year at no cost.

We understand the time and costs that goes into running a business. The cost of paper and wages is only the start of your outgoing expenses but can make up the majority in no time.

What we strive to do is offer businesses a quick, simple and effective product to help reduce those costs and make your time worth while again.

We just want to take the stress out of paperwork for you.

To get started, activate a Free trial account and then set up your forms and users. After that, download the app to start enjoying the efficiency and productivity-enhancing, proper documentation, high level and organised management, and cost-saving benefits of Digital Form Creator.