Free App

To use on Apple and Android smart devices that will send your information directly to your admin team or personal computer.

Easy to Use

With step by step tutorials available or use the form recreation service to have your paper forms converted to digital.

Staff Management

Four levels of management, Unique ID for each staff, privileges are assigned for roles or users’ dependant on employee’s roles.


With the ability to have pre-set answers and drop-down check lists to help minimise human error and keep information uniform.

We understand the time and costs that goes into running a business. The cost of paper and wages is only the start of your outgoing expenses but can make up the majority in no time.

What we strive to do is offer businesses a quick, simple and effective product to help reduce those costs and make your time worth while again.

We just want to take the stress out of paperwork for you.

Try Digital Form Creator to experience the seamless integration into your daily operations, for a month free, if you don’t improve your productivity simply opt out.